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RCSD Board President Tony DeMarco Apologizes for Zoom Mishap

Mar 15 2023

"RCSD apologizes for the graphic and inappropriate images some of our residents and colleagues may have seen during our March 14, 2023 RCSD Board Meeting on Zoom, which was hacked by an unknown source yesterday. It's unfortunate the digital platform that many of us rely on to connect board members with the community, has been compromised through various "Zoom-bombings". Though we are disappointed the incident occurred, administrators successfully shut down the Zoom portion of the meeting without further incident and are working with authorities to investigate. A formal complaint was reported to Zoom, as we hope this incident prompts a stronger review of their security measures."

Tony DeMarco - RCSD Board President

Links to Important Housing Element Information

Mar 13 2023

Rossmoor residents continue to have questions surrounding the Orange County Housing Element and the mandate for high-density, low-income housing in cities all throughout California.  Many thanks to Justin Kirk from the Orange County Planning Division, who came out and addressed our community at the March RCSD Board Meeting.  Mr. Kirk provided excellent information on topics concerning our residents as they relate to the Housing Element.  Below are links Mr. Kirk provided that will provide some insight into the Housing Element mandate as it affects Rossmoor and the bordering cities of Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.


[Job Openings]

Mar 14 2022

ROSSMOOR COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT Invites Applications for the following Positions:

This Maintenance/Recreation Assistant (Part-Time) reports to the Park Superintendent and Recreation Superintendent. The primary duty of this position is to patrol and maintain property owned by the Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) and ensure that facilities are operated in accordance with established policies and procedures. The position is based at the Rossmoor Community Services District Administration Office, 3001 Blume Drive, Rossmoor, CA 90720.

The part-time Maintenance/Recreation Assistant ensures that the RCSD property, facilities and parks are maintained at a high level. This includes restroom maintenance, trash pickup and general maintenance. Other duties include inspection of facilities, and interpretation of rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of all park users. Assists with community center and special event set up and take down; communicates effectively with the public and assists with office duties as needed; follows safe work practices; and performs other duties as assigned.


Download Application


[Updated] RCSD Street Sweeping Services

Feb 02 2022

Since the start of the new year, new Street Sweeping Services have begun.  You can view the new street sweeping services map and dates below. Door hangers providing useful information on the new services have been delivered to many residents and will continue to arrive throughout the next couple of weeks. This information will allow residents to accurately move their vehicles on street sweeping days.

On a side note, our new street sweeping company would like to remind everyone to please rake your lawn leaves and not blow the leaves into the street.  Unfortunately, our street sweepers do not have the capacity for excessive leaf quantities.   

Updated Map & Schedule

Door Hangers

For future street sweeping problems or concerns, please contact Sunset Property Services (949) 551-5151

RCSD Board of Directors Election

Jan 20 2022

On January 10th, Tony DeMarco was elected President of the RCSD Board of Directors. 1st Vice President is Michael Maynard, and 2nd Vice President is Jo Shade. Jeffrey Barke and Nathan Searles will continue to serve the District.

Waste Collection Services Update

Jan 14 2022

Here is the latest update regarding the delays of trash collection services due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and shortage of staffing (drivers). Please see CR&R website link for the full update.

January 2022: Notice to all CR&R customers

CR&R’s normal services are being impacted as a result of the most recent COVID-19 surge. Many of our employees, across all disciplines, are unable to carry out their regular duties as a result of their infections. This has resulted in long wait times on the telephone and delayed trash and recycling collection. We are working diligently to minimize our short staffing issues so that they don’t impact our service levels. Should you experience a delay in service, our goal will be to come back the following day to provide service. In an effort to minimize long wait times, please do not call our office unless you are experiencing delays in service longer than 24 hours. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary circumstance.

Rossmoor Recycling and Organic Program FAQs

Dec 06 2021

Q: Is it required to have the three-cart system?

A: State Law requires the three-cart system to be in place by January 1, 2022

Q: What materials go into the three carts?

A: Dry recyclables, including paper, glass, plastic and aluminum cans go into the blue lid cart. Organics, including green waste, yard clippings and food waste go into the green lid cart. All other items, except for hazardous waste, such as paint, electronic waste, and chemicals go into the black lid cart.


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Rossmoor Community Services District is located in the Community of Rossmoor in Orange County, California. Approximately 10,500 residents make their home in this unincorporated bedroom community located behind a signature brick wall situated between the cities of Seal Beach and Los Alamitos. The Special District of Rossmoor is governed by a five member Board of Directors, who are elected by the residents of Rossmoor and operates under the supervision of a General Manager. Rossmoor is known for its splendid urban forest, beautiful homes and strong family values.